Erin is amazing!  I don’t think I could have finished my second book without her workouts. The movement and mantras gave me the bursts of energy I needed!

Kris Carr

kris carr
NYT Best Selling Author of Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Someone should warn you, Erin doesn’t just help you transform your body. She’ll help you transform your life! Shrink session is a full body and spirit makeover. Change has never felt so good!

Jessica Ortner

jessica ortner
Author of Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence
Erin has an amazing ability to make a grueling workout fun so you feel your outlook lifting right along with your ass. EVERYTHING is improved!

nicola wheir
Author of The Nanny Diaries, Between You and Me, Over You

The first time I tried Shrink Session, I was blown away by how empowered I felt when I left (and how sore I was the next day!).Erin is one of the most dynamic people I know. Her energy and positive attitude are contagious. She combines a body, brain and soul workout that leaves you feeling strong mentally and physically. Not only do I worry less, but I am truly excited about all that lies before me. Erin gave me the confidence and courage to believe anything is possible. She also taught me that when situations don’t turn out the way you envisioned or hoped, that doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means that you will find happiness in so many other ways. And often, the new route is much better!

kirby woodson
Principal and Creative Director, Petite Alma

I felt amazing after my first Shrink Session class! Re-energized, not just physically, but mentally. I remember rushing home, finally ready to start taking actions on all these projects I’d been stalling on.Since taking Shrink Session and working with Erin, things in my career sphere have totally blossomed. I turned a huge corner in the way that I approach auditioning, I signed with amazing representation, and the web series that I wrote and created with my best friend was profiled in the New York Times! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Shrink Session leaves you feeling empowered, excited, and full of belief in yourself. And also really sweaty.

alex fiber
Writer, Actress, Creator of the SRSLY Web Series

I’m a huge fan of Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session — it is truly a one-of-a-kind mind & body experience.I’ll be honest, the first time I did it, I wanted to leave after 10 minutes. It was so hard! But after I mentally pushed myself through it, I felt like a million dollars. Now I can’t stop coming back for more.

If you want fast results, Shrink Session is hands-down the best cardio workout I can think of. I guarantee that you’ll have a blast!

selena soo
Founder, S2 Groupe
I started taking Erin’s classes in 2010 and the physical strength, spiritual inspiration and supportive community I gained have helped me finish my first marathon, write my first blog, get promoted at my dream job, and fall in love with the love of my life. I’ve never had a more exciting, productive or satisfying two years! Thank you, Erin!

michelle sanders
Brand Director, Kahlua

Normally, I’m easily bored when I work out and I often find myself looking at the clock to see how long the suffering has to continue. During Shrink Session that didn’t occur once. In fact, I felt like I was in that state of flow that only occurs when you are sufficiently challenged and safe at the same time. I forgot about time and place and genuinely enjoyed every second of it– even the moments where I hit my physical limits and where my natural instinct would be to take a break or slow down. Erin encouraged me to push through and give just a little more. I did and it felt great. I left the class feeling uplifted, strong and empowered.Shrink Session is hard work, but you’ll have such a great time that you won’t notice. Erin is the first person who has been able to show me that breaking a sweat can be both fun and worthwhile. Pretty amazing, huh?

maj jenson
Clarity Coach

I have heard about runners feeling euphoria when the endorphins kick in, but never felt anything but tired while exercising. But with Erin, I get it.I’m a chubby girl and I hate gyms; they are cold, lonely and all about how you look. ERIN’S CLASS IS THE ANTI-GYM; class is filled with inspiration, hope, and light, and is about how you feel. ERIN IS A FEARLESS LEADER who CHALLENGES you to do your BEST, no matter what. There is something magical about the physical exertion that makes the affirmations become one with you. And you never want to give it up.

kathy deitch
Writer, Broadway & Television Actress (Wicked/Footloose/Hair, Law + Order)

I lost another 20 lbs because I worked through what I thought were my limits. I feel fantastic! I didn’t know that my body could feel and look this way. If you feel deep down inside that little burning question, “is there more?” then you should definitely take class with Erin.When I came in to Erin’s class, I was just really looking for a good workout. I wasn’t expecting how much my life would change. Erin in her graceful and loving way makes you see pass your limits (or what you thought were your limits). Erin helped me find and bring out my warrior spirit and that warrior has helped me find grace and love in my challenges.

Working with Erin has helped me to be a more courageous, prosperous, loving, daring, engaging, compassionate, and fearless person. She has helped me know and live in a way that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Her talent and knowledge can help you unleash that spirit in a way that you can live the life of your dreams.

nikki walker
Television Actress (Bored to Death, Law + Order, 30 Rock)

When I first agreed to take Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session class at Chelsea Studios, I knew I must be crazy. I was going to dance – in public – and say affirmations out loud at the same time. To say that the whole idea of the class was way out of my comfort zone is an understatement.Now I can’t say that I left the class any more coordinated than when I walked in, but I can say that I left with something even better. Erin’s exciting, warm, passionate, and compassionate approach to fitness freed me of any insecurities and inhibitions I brought with me to class. And this feeling has continued long after I walked out. Am I still the proud owner of two left feet? Yup. But am I afraid to shake my booty and tell the world how awesome I feel doing it? Never again!

rebekah borucki
Owner of Bexlife.com

I will admit, the first few minutes of the workout were awkward. I felt silly and very glad no one was home to witness me repeating affirmations out loud.BUT then something happened… the positive and empowering affirmations actually had a direct impact on my performance and motivation. A few days later I even caught myself repeating the mantras while riding my bike to keep me peddling strong up a hill “It’s my time…”

In the past my inner conversation sounded like: “aw I’m too hot, I am tired, is this over yet, this is soo long, I hate working out, I have other more important things to do, blah, blah, blah”. A conditioning that left me feeling weighed down and resentful.

On the flip side the affirmations create an empowering dialogue that result in me feeling strong, capable, focused and motivated. Erin’s Shrink Session workout is a game changer for anyone whom like me has a negative inner dialogue when it comes to exercise and life in general.

geneviève côté
Clinical herbalist

That having fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain make it very hard for me to work out on a consistent basis because the soreness can last for weeks.Listening to Erin and her affirmations boosts my mood and my spirit and gives me so much energy that it enables me to do what I can even if I am unable to finish the entire workout. She really is an inspiration and has helped me change my attitude to know that I can accomplish things that I never thought I could. I really lover her workouts and will continue to wait impatiently (lol) for new ones!!!

karen karval
IT Consultant

Your fitness affirmations has boosted up my motivation to want to do things I never thought possible. When I feel a tiny bit negative, I go on your Shrink Session site and do a workout to get rid of that edge off. Plus, I feel great physically and mentally.I have told friends about you and your amazing workout, so they feel inspired to follow suit. I loved the fact that I can inspire others to do something to change their lives. I am so ever grateful and if I never found you from Daily Candy, I doubt I would be the person I am today.

maz (maria) hemming
Holistic Nutrition Student

A LOT has happened to me since I began shrinking, and one of the consistencies has been Erin’s support and motivation (via Shrink, and a gracious response email she wrote to me at the beginning of the year).You see, I was an attorney in Chicago, with a dream of starting my own bakery. After I paid off my student loans and had some great legal experience under my belt, I quit my law firm job, moved to Brattleboro, Vermont, and opened Little City Baking Company in March.

It turns out – my “dream” wasn’t quite the life I wanted. In October, I made a decision that was much harder than the one to quit my law firm life for my dream – it was to quit my dream to go back to the law firm life. Because I actually liked being a lawyer more than I liked being a small business owner! Needless to say, this has been quite a year. I used the positivity of Erin and Shrink to get me through each stage. The meaning of the mantras changed at each stage, but they still have the same motivating effect.

danielle bochneak
I am grateful for the showers of positivity SS has brought into my life. It has opened me up, affirmed things I had forgotten or stopped believing in, and reawakened my connection to the universe and all things creative and beautiful.
sierra nixon
Event Coordinator

I was prepared for an ass-kicking workout (although it is my FAVORITE of all the ass-kicking workouts I’ve done)…what was unexpected and what has brought me such joy is the COMMUNITY that Erin was created, centered on the singularly joyful and authentic vibe she gives off.I am continually refreshed, challenged, and inspired by the Shrink community-and so grateful that it is a part of my life!!

casey erin clark

When Erin first explained what we were about to do, I cringed inside. As I came of age in the mid to late ’80s, the era of the affirmation, I have this built in knee-jerk, run-the-other-way response to all things cheesy self-help. But there I was and it was simply too late to walk out.Let me tell you that I cannot begin to say how grateful am that I stayed. In that class I remembered that the essence of affirmation isn’t about cheesy self-help but about shouting from the rooftops and believing in our hearts that we’re worthy of our dreams. In that class I found a power inside myself I had forgotten existed. In that class I let go of baggage that I’d been lugging around for years. Seriously. For real. And I got my ass kicked with a killer work out to boot.

dr. samantha brody
Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist
When I started Shrink Session I was a little (OK, a lot) down in the dumps about the way my business was going. I was upset that I was attracting clientele that only wanted a “better deal”. I was skeptical that Erin would have any impact in changing the way I was thinking about running my business but, wouldn’t you know, I started attracting upscale and celebrity clientele. It’s been great! I’ve been working less and making more money (I think they call that working smarter, not harder). The more I’ve been coming to Erin’s class, the more the ideas have been flooding in. What Erin does works!

jenny beth miller
Massage Therapist
I had no idea what to expect from my first Shrink Session. A small part of me thought ‘oh that’s a weight loss thing, not really me’ yet somehow I was drawn to the class and was truly blown away. The combination of affirmations and exercise made me feel empowered, strong and ready to take on the world, all while loving myself even more and remembering that ‘once I’ve given my best, the rest I can let go’. The affirmations from my first 2 classes were in my head consistently for the next month and were the perfect daily reminders I needed to stay centered. Oh, and I was really sore the next day!

amanda daily
Holistic Health Coach
OMG that was the best class of all time! Thank you! For a moment I was transported back to my early club days

alicia slimmer
Writer, Director
I still feel after every class, invigorated, strong, and empowered. I would even go as far as to say intoxicated. Attending Shrink Session is by far the most powerful, significant, effective self care action I practice. What I learn in Shrink Session, whether it is BELIEVING that ‘I am enough’ or to be gentle with myself or just getting out of my head for an hour has changed my world. On top of losing 20+ lbs over the last year, I have gained a renewed sense of living. I have taken my confidence and perception of myself from coasting and stuck, to ALIVE and excited for what’s to come.

sara lavelle
Floral Designer

“I found myself within the first class feeling more free than I had ever felt while working out. After the “high” from the cardio wore off, the buzz from the affirmations was still going.Since I started attending Shrink Session classes I’ve seen more changes than I’d ever seen in my life. I manifested a new and exciting job, I’ve lost about 15 lbs and I have calmness about my life that I never got with anti-anxiety medication. The most powerful thing that I’ve gained from Erin and Shrink Session is the confidence that I can change my life for the better.

jenna l. marucci
Human Resources Professional
Since taking Shrink Session, I have been able to lose the weight I’d been holding onto, get the job I thought I could never get, marry the man that is my soul mate, and have the serenity to deal with all of life’s challenges. It is amazing that one class could garner such community, such results, and such consistency and awesomeness in my life. I have tried meditating, going out and doing new fitness classes that I would have never had the guts to go to before, and I’m continually more grateful and in awe of the world around me.

katie selling
Project Manager, eCommerce for Estee Lauder

Erin Stutland is THE best fitness guru I’ve ever worked with in New York City, and her expertise goes far beyond fitness…Erin is a powerhouse of fitness mastery, spiritual guidance, inspiration, and support. Her classes are not only physically challenging and demanding, but they are jam-packed with mind-shifting techniques and new ideas and practices to expand the body and the mind. How often do you get to take an intense cardio workout class that challenges your beliefs? In the last few years, Erin and her classes have taken me on an unexpected body/ mind/ soul journey, and I am forever grateful for that. I think of her workouts as moving poetry, and they will shake anyone to the core (and booty) who is open to receive the goodness! Taking her classes weekly has become a necessity in my life. And yes… a workout class (if it’s as good as this) can become habitual and necessary! Girl’s got skills!

chelsea jo conard chhc
Holistic Health Counselor
Erin’s joy, musicality and patience are magic to experience. As you know I’ve been around for ‘a minute’. MAY I PLEASE WELCOME YOU TO THE LIST OF ‘THE BEST EVER’!

terrence carey
Terrence Carey
When I started taking Erin’s class, I couldn’t say some of the affirmations — they spoke so deeply to the desires of my heart that my voice caught in my throat. If you want to experience a simultaneous emotional and physical breakthrough, try Erin’s workout!

wendy cavett
Musical Director, Broadway’s Mamma Mia!
Shrink Session gives me a chance to dance without judgment, to celebrate life and to check in with myself. Where am I putting emphasis in my life? Is it helping me to grow and achieve my goals? Is it helping me to serve my purpose? I think more about what I say, and how those intentions affect me and those around me, especially the children that I teach.

jennifer eisenberg
Dance Educator, Dancer, Performer