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  • What if a 1 hr workout could lead you to your dream job with your dream salary?
  • What if it got you your first Broadway show?
  • What if it kicked your self-doubt in the a*s and produced confidence you haven’t felt since you won the third grade spelling bee?

This high intensity, exhilarating, workout burns hundreds of calories, builds core strength, while mentally conditioning you to optimize your energy, confidence and creativity.

Combining kickboxing, dance, yoga, positive psychology and meditation, you will shrink your waistline and your thighs, while expanding your expectations of what is possible.

Each month SHRINK SESSION™ has a new focus that allows you to relate what you learn in the workout to your everyday life.

The prescription here is

  • Sweat
  • Energy Balance
  • Ease
  • Getting out of your head

If you have tried everything and not seen results, or feel stuck physically/mentally, SHRINK SESSION™ will help you bust through procrastination and infuse every cell of your body with an “I can do anything” attitude.

I encourage you to tap into your strength, taking you further then ever before as you fall deeper in love with your body and your life.